WII U is for faggots only

2012-12-31 20:11:01 by Bbqbeefburgerman

I mean c'mon. Only children and gay people could enjoy that bullshit. Its only half as powerful as 360/ps3.

WII U is for faggots only


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2012-12-31 20:46:36

Is that why x-box only have FPS and the Wii u have multi screen ?

Bbqbeefburgerman responds:

Wii U has only gay mario games. Faggots


2012-12-31 20:49:37

And yet it will still probably make more money than either the 360 or the ps3. Say what you want about Nintendo, they have a good marketing team, and a lot of people will buy it out of nostalgia.

And if your only complaint is processing power, then by your logic the 360/ps3 are also only for children and gay people, considering that a gaming comp beats out both of them.

Bbqbeefburgerman responds:

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2012-12-31 22:05:24

So you're telling me, the Wii U's library of games doesn't exceed Mario games?


2012-12-31 22:09:58



2012-12-31 22:12:51

i saw it it barely plays cod its so gay


2012-12-31 22:33:15

To be quite honest though, the Wii U and Nintendo franchise in general was mostly meant for family/children games. A few games ARE more enjoyable, yet still can be family-oriented (i.e. the smash bros. series). However, many of the games up until now are, so to speak, more childish, there being only a few gems up until now. Thankfully, Nintendo has been expanding the audience it directs it's systems at recently.


2013-01-01 01:58:39

I have the Wii U and am certainly enjoying it (I don't know much about my sexual orientation though since I haven't loved either males or females outside of my family, and if you consider being 15 a child, so be it). It plays Assassins Creed III and Darksiders II pretty well, with my only complaint being the online community for AS3 is so small that I can't ever find an online match.

Nintendo has been trying to appeal to the family/children audience with the Wii for a while now, but it's easy to see they're trying to change that. Just look at all the T and M-rated games in the 29 launch titles (which is well more than the 14 games in the Super Mario series since the first game back in 1985), NSMBU trying to appeal to the nostalgia in SMWorld fans from 1990, and getting "hardcore" exclusives such as Monster Hunter Tri G HD and Bayonetta 2.

I have all the major gaming consoles (Sorry, Leapfrog. I don't like your products.) and really think you should give them all a try before judging them one better than the other, cause in my opinion, that's really hard to do.


2013-01-01 03:22:35

Well then fuck me in the ass and call me sally!


2013-01-01 04:01:12

I'm pretty sure it actually exceeds Xbox 360 in gaming power. I might be wrong, but still, the console has barely been out for a month. You can't really judge a system by launch titles. Also, it has a wide variety of games, not just "gay mario games". I have it, and I'm thoroughly enjoying ZombiU and Nintendo Land.


2013-01-01 12:07:28

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2013-01-01 12:20:52

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2013-01-01 12:30:02

Fuck off kid, what are you 13? You shouldn't even be here.


2013-01-01 13:42:41

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2013-01-01 18:22:23

Based on clock speeds, the Wii U's CPU is slower, with the 360 and PS3 at 3.2GhZ and the Wii U at 1.24 GHz. However, the Xbox's GPU is 500 MHz and the Wii U and PS3's GPU are 550 MHz. These aren't good numbers, but in RAM, the Wii U has 2GB of DDR3 Ram, which is considerably more than the Xbox and PS3 who have 512 MB of GDDR3 Ram. With these specs, in performance the Wii U would be much faster than the PS3, but graphically about the same unless Developers can use the extra RAM for faster texture-mapping. It has also been confirmed that the Wii U uses Blu-Rays, so the statement that it is only half as powerful as a 360 or PS3 is dreadfully incorrect.


2013-01-01 21:46:20

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2013-01-01 22:09:55

Hmm i say the only reason 4 me 2 buy one would be for Zombie U, cause there isnt enuf GOOD Z games on the Consoles


2013-01-02 09:49:39

BBQ says ram and graphical capability mean quality of content I FUCKING BELIEVE HIM